Epstein May be Gone, Still Problematic for Democrats And Media

Jeffrey Epstein mug shotAlthough Jeffery Epstein died Saturday of an apparent suicide, his saga is not over. Not only for politicians but for mainstream media as well.

The mainstream media and Democrats trying to push the theory that President Trump was closely associated with the late pedophile. However, according to records and investigations by journalists, the late hedge fund manager donated $147,426 to Democrats between 1990-2015 compared to Republicans who only received $18205. Jeffrey Epstein once had $3.5 million in accounts and directed $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation. His last GOP donation was in 2000. The financier never did donate to the Trump campaign in 2016.

According to the Washington Examiner, the focus of the mainstream media however is that they are hoping to point their viewers to make a connection to Jeffery Epstein and Make America Great Again Rallies as a regular attendee.

Conservative talk show host Buck Sexton says:
"I know they keep trying to tie Trump to this, but Trump is the only person who is ever named in the Jeffrey Epstein debacle, who stood up to Epstein"

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