Cuccinelli: Illegal Border Crossings Dropping

26263642176 2310b039cc zActing head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli, says border crossing has dropped considerably since the record set in May.

During an interview with Ken Cuccinelli Wednesday with Hill.TV he said, " We have seen the numbers coming across the southern border dropping."


In May, border crossing apprehensions reached a 13 year high of 130,000, according to data released. The deal that President Trump reached with Mexico when he threatened sweeping tariffs if Mexico didn't do something to curb the flow of immigrants crossing their country and into the southern border of the United States, seemed to be one of the main factors for the slowdown.

July saw a drop of 100,00 to 82,000, although Cuccinelli says this level is still at a crisis that needs to be dealt with. 

He said he hopes the Trump administration will be able to work something out with other Southand Central American countries that will stem the tide of illegals.

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