John Solomon: 10 Declassified Russian Collusion Revalation Could Rock Washington This Fall

Written by Staff Writer

In 2018, President Trump revealed that he would release all classified documents regarding the Russian collusion investigation. Devin Nunez, around the same time, sent non-public transcripts of witnesses to the DNI for Declassification. We are still waiting for transparency. However, John Solomon of the Hill reports that our wait may soon be over.


With Dan Coates now leaving the Director of Nations Intelligence and his assistant Sue Gordon is resigning, the wait could soon be over.

President Trump will likely assign a new Director of National Intelligence, such as security expert Fred Fleitz or former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra.

This could drastically speed up the flow of de-classification of documents, especially if the President creates an Offices of Transparency and De-classification within the White House.

the Hill's John Solomon reports 10 documents could change the landscape if classified.



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