Ilan Omar Affair Renews Calls for Ethics Investigation

Written by Staff Writer

Illhan OmarIllhan Omar courtesy of Fibonacci Blue Rep Ilan Omar's (D-MN) recent appearance in divorce papers filed by Dr. Beth Mynette, stating the US representative had an affair with her husband in April, is renewing calls for an ethics investigation. 

Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch: " It looks like on the surface, she used campaign finance funds to benefit her paramour."

During her tenure, the representative has been the center of many scandals, including allegedly marrying her brother to help him obtain a green card and fined for campaign finance violations.


The lastest scandal released last week, when Omar was named the other woman in a filing by Dr. Beth Mynette stating her husband, Tim Mynette walked out of the marriage claiming he was "in love" with Omar.

Although the exact timeframe of the affair is not known, the New York Post reports Omar first started working with Tim Mynette's consulting firm in 2018, which the company was paid $230,000. Since April 2019, when the marriage crumbled, his firm was paid $70,000.


Judicial Watch's Petition.


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