Red Flag Laws Raising Red Flags

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A threat assessment hearing is being held for a Colorado teen who went target shooting with his mother and their legally owned guns. A high school in Loveland says the teen can't go back to school until the hearing concludes.

Nate Evans posted a video of a day with his mom shooting at the range, only to have a report filed with the Loveland Police Department. According to, Mom showed the video to the police department, although the police department found nothing wrong with their activities, the school disagreed.


Through a program called Safe 2 Tell, a report was supposedly called in. Mom went to the school and tried to clear things up with administrators, however, they refused to provide more information on the threat nor would they supply Nate with his homework for the time he would be missing from school. have spoken with the mother, Justine, and two attornies who specialize in second amendment issues. They say the school is well within their rights, for now. However, the threat of Safe 2 Tell is that if the report is false, there is nothing administrators or parents can do, even with a lawyer.

Students have dubbed the Safe 2 Tell program "Safe to Swat" referring to the act of deceiving emergency services into another person's location. Commonly known as "swatting." The person who called in this report will not face repercussions however, Nate plans to go into the military and is hoping this will not show up on his permanent record.

According to Rally for Your Rights you should do this if it happens to your child:

  1. Don't Talk to the police
  2. Be prepared for a visit from CPS.
  3. Consider moving your firearms to a safe place until everything is cleared up.
  4. Immediately obtain a psychiatric evaluation from a qualified individual that can be provided to the above agencies as well as the school.
  5. Contact Rally For Your Rights for lawyer referrals and moral support.

 Dana Loesch Red Flag Laws

Unfortunately, as the former spokesperson for the NRA, Dana Loesch says, this is a perfect example of red flag laws being abused.


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