Sleepy Joe Slips In Fundraising Efforts

Creepy Joe BidenBreitbart is reporting Joe Biden has slipped in fundraising efforts behind Bernie Sanders, raising only $15.2 million in the third quarter behind Sanders' campaign efforts of 25.3 million.

Pete Buttigieg was able to scrape up more than the flagging former Vice President at $19.1 million. Even though the Biden campaign was able to raise more funds in the second quarter, $21.5 million, they released a statement saying that most of the funds raised were from grassroots donors and new donors.

These numbers, however, reflect Joe Biden's standing in the polls. He is now tied or trailing Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders and others are showing signs of creeping up on Joe.  

The latest developments in the Ukranegate scandal, his son Hunter Biden and their ties to China and the former Vice President's inability to respect other's personal space have eroded at Joe Biden's popularity with Democrats.


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Poll Figures: Real Clear Politics