AOC Unveils Communist Manifesto as a Bill


46115225085 1281596c7a nImage courtesy Dimitri Rodriguez Alexandria Ocasio Cortez released a manifesto as a bill today for a "Just Society" that will make the blood of every American run cold and reeks of thinly veiled communism:

“A just society provides a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing.


“By strengthening our social and economic foundations, we are preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by rebuilding our economy and cultivate a just society."

The plan discusses six sections:

  • The Recognizing Poverty Act
  • The Place to Prosper Act
  • The Embrace Act
  • The Mercy In Re-entry Act
  • The Uplift Workers Act
  • Guarantees the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for All

The Recognizing Poverty Act is to adjust the poverty level for geographical differences, I.e. if you live on the coast and you are poor, you will get more benefits.



The Place to Prosper Act is nationwide rent control. This will put landlords at a disadvantage and make rentals scarce.


The Embrace Act will give illegals and refugees the ability to live off of the hard-working American taxpayer. In her manifesto she says:

"Our nation must recognize that our history--immigrants, enslaved peoples, and refugees built this country."

The representative forgets, if these people are such hard-working people, why do they even NEED social benefits?


The Mercy Re-Entry act would give convicted felon the ability to get social welfare programs and her prison reform tweets are even scarier:


AOC Prison II


Her lack of critical thinking is dangerous to everyday Americans as most of the people in the system are there for a reason. Daily Caller writes:

"According to research by the Manhattan Institute’s Rafael A. Mangual, 60% of the inmates in state prisons⁠—which house the overwhelming majority of prisoners across the country⁠—” are serving time for murder, rape, assault, robbery, or burglary—four times the number convicted only of drug offenses.”


The Uplift Workers act is a scoring system that she says should be used when granting government contracts. This would include a minimum wage of workers to at least $15.00/hour to paid family leave and union membership guarantee. She doesn't take into consideration what this will not only cost workers but companies.

Her final manifesto in her bill is a Zero Hedge aptly puts it:

"Finally, the bill instructs the executive branch to re-initiate ratification processes for the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The ICESCR states that all persons have the right to work, fair and just conditions of work, social security, an adequate standard of living, including adequate food, clothing, housing, and healthcare."


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