Diplomat Raised Concern on Biden and Ukraine but was 'Rebuffed'

Written by Julie S.

640px Vice President Joe Biden at a Meeting with Ukrainian Legislators April 22 2014 13958812886George Kent a career State Department official testified Tuesday he raised concerns with officials in 2015 regarding Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden, serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.


The Washinton Post reports George Kent's concerns Hunter Biden's position with Burisma could complicate diplomatic relations between the United States and Ukraine. At that time, Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, controlled ProvatBank, Ukraine's biggest bank which shared an address with Burisma. Also noteworthy is Ihor Kolomoisky was not allowed into the US but was reversed shortly after Hunter Biden joined the Burisma board of directors.

The Washing ton Post reports:

Kent said he had concerns that Ukrainian officials would view Hunter Biden as a conduit for currying influence with his father, said the people. But when Kent raised the issue with Biden’s office, he was told the then-vice president didn’t have the “bandwidth” to deal with the issue involving his son as his other son, Beau, was battling cancer, said the people familiar with his testimony.

Kent's remarks were from a closed-door deposition Tuesday by House Democrats in an effort to impeach the President due to a telephone call President Trump made in July to Ukrainian President Zelinsky.

Breitbart reports:

When Kent raised his concerns about Burisma, the Obama administration had already cleared Hunter to serve on the company’s board of directors. Hunter joined Burisma’s board of directors in 2014. The former vice president was leading U.S. efforts to crack down on corruption at the time.

Biden, in the meantime, is trying to cover for his family when he told reporters:

"he wouldn’t have changed anything about his actions, including discouraging his son from joining the board, and said he had no regrets."

He continued to say:

“No. No, I don’t,” he said. “Because I never discussed with my son anything having to do with what was going on in Ukraine. That’s a fact.”

Biden continues to maintain he will never allow any member of his family will have no business relationship with foreign corporations or countries. 

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