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Tidal Wave Of Truth Comes To DC, Part 2

Written by Staff Writer

Report1Website has gone live. Robert Caron and Joshua Macias, on Twitter - , speaking for over 100 US Intelligence sources have set up the site as a repository for information relating to covert US electoral misconduct, featuring a special login for President Trump. CorsiNation published an article on 9-7-18 detailing the rollout



There were a few adverse reviews of ‘Report For The President' expressions of the regretable internecine conflicts sweeping through alternative media at the moment. They are not centered on the web site's reliability, a view endorsed by US Intel luminary and constructive critic Bill Binney. Criticism of ‘Report For The President' follows two themes:

  • Objections to fundraising, a short-sighted view, as hard work deserve compensation in a capitalist economy.

  • Personal conflict among people and groups, causing them to lash out, and/or embroider complicated tales of intrigue designed to upset the target.

Conflict in the pro-Trump movement is not especially helpful, as we are just now entering the home stretch toward a mid-term showdown. Various alt media content providers are occasionally distracted by intra-Maga conflict, and other petty personal rivalries, setting a bad example to ‘on the fence' or #WalkAwayCampaign voters, who are the key to midterm victory.

Readers will find the attached video podcast interview illuminating. Bill Mitchell’s Your Voice America has been extremely helpful during the rollout of ‘Report For The President’.


Joe DiGenova will be appearing on this channel shortly. On 9-11-18 Ann Vandersteel interviewed Bill Binney and Robert Caron: