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MAGA: Second American Revolution at the Ballot Box on Nov. 6

Written by Editor-in-Chief

Spirit of 76

Spirit of 76In their last installment before midterms, Pat and Kate Scopelliti review the tenets of the MAGA agenda--and remind Patriots of the urgency of voting next week.

Speaking, at first, to #WalkAways, the Scopellitis have picked up many WalkWiths along the way, Patriots all!

In the spirit and the Revolution of 1776, let us all "walk to" the voting booth next week and do our part to continue the MAGA agenda.

 Pat and Kate Scopelliti are authors of America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. The Foreword is written by LTG (Retired) Michael T. Flynn. Information about their book is available here

This series is exclusive to Corsi Nation.

You can also see Pat Scopelliti speak to the importance of the #WalkAway movement and the November elections as well as the heroism of Gen. Flynn here at The Best Closer.

The #WalkAway Welcome--Concluding Remarks

Let’s begin with a question we asked earlier in our series of articles: Why did you #WalkAway? There is one simple answer. You were lied to. You were told that the answer to American problems was in the collective, not within yourself. You were told that you required government to solve your problem. You were told that the Democrat party had rightness and goodness on their side.

It wasn’t just you. The left admonished us not to look to success as a goal but rather to resent those who achieved and carved out a bigger portion of the American Dream for themselves. The Democrats appealed to our jealousy, insecurity and self-doubt. All of us are tempted to believe that we cannot address the forces of evil in our own lives, let alone in society.

The truth, however--which had to be withheld from us!--is that there is a way, the American Way, that allows us to exert our energy and solve our own problems while making the world a better place at the same time. The technical name of this “way” is independence within a Constitutional Republic.

Beginning with the Declaration of Independence and concluding with our Constitution, we laid out the basis of true greatness as a nation during the years 1776 through 1789. In the centuries since, many pillars of our greatness have been pulled down. We have allowed our government leaders to pipe us down the wrong path.

However, in 2016 something powerful reawakened in America. The Common Sense people of America were addressed. The sleeping giant of Common Sense America stirred, struggled to its feet, and demanded to be heard. Thank goodness, Donald Trump appeared on the scene to listen!

Why did we elect President Donald Trump? We did so in order to change the destructive path our nation was careening down. Our previous President perpetrated hellacious crimes against America. For many of us, the worst was the payment of billions of dollars to Iran, and piles of cash delivered on wooden pallets in currencies that were NOT American dollars in order to skirt our nation's Treasury laws. Think about this. Billions of dollars paid to the world’s greatest state sponsor of terror. No matter how much we might have disagreed with the directions or actions of prior presidents, it is impossible to identify crimes perpetrated at this level of defiance and illegality. Even Nixon was clearly an amateur compared to Obama.

Further, contemplate what it means when an individual's crimes are diminished and ignored, allowing her to walk the candidate's path toward the presidency. Hillary Clinton was not only NOT punished for her crimes as Secretary of State, she was rewarded for them.

Consider what it means that the two most powerful departments of our executive branch, the DOJ and the FBI, have corrupted officials in leadership positions. The list of criminals at the top is both so familiar, and so long, as to beggar the imagination.

Lies. All based on lies. Obama lied that he was making the world safer from Iran, while empowering Iran to threaten the world. Clinton lied about every part of her past, with the most egregious lie of all - the cause of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi - more horrifying than even the lies surrounding her computers and communications. Crimes upon crimes. And today, the Democrats are selling the lie of socialism, as if it wasn’t founded upon theft and rather, embodied all virtue and goodness.

The Democrat party has embraced the very lie of history itself, as if the French Revolution did not go awry. As if the USSR had not become a perfect totalitarian state and there were no gulags. As if Cuba was the greatest success of the Caribbean. As if Venezuela has not destroyed its own economy, losing all freedom, security, prosperity and hope for the future. Socialism is bust. Its only hope is in lies and those lies only work if we allow them to.

And here’s another lie: you can separate socialism from communism, and either from dictatorship. While there are nations who have employed a hybrid form of democracy and socialism what we know is that those nations must remain small and culturally homogeneous. As the Scandinavian countries demonstrate, an increase in the quantity of immigrants results in higher crime rates and lower security for their citizens. Here in the US, Democrats lie and point to these socialist nations as the answer to our problems.

So, what is the truth?

Candidate Trump gave us both the truth and answers in the MAGA message. Allow us to refer you to our previous articles here at, as well as to our book America First: The MAGA Manifesto, to unpack the following 10 tenets of the MAGA agenda. If you take the initiative and time, you will find the answers that America requires today. 

-Remember The Forgotten Americans

-Rule Of Law

-American Jobs 

-Quality Of Life For Every American 

-Heal Our Cities 

-Build The Wall 

-Make America Wealthy Again 

-Make America Strong Again 

-Make America Safe Again  

-Make America Great Again

Each of these steps significantly moves our nation toward the greatness we were founded upon, while strengthening us for the coming centuries of challenge and opportunity.  During two terms of a President Trump led administration, these principles can be implemented. And MAGA policies and laws will restore our nation and people to former our greatness.

It is paramount that we all #WalkAway from the lies and evils of the past. We can defeat them now, here in the present. There is a place in America for a Democrat Party that is loyal to our founding principles, that puts crime and lies behind itself, and is truly focused on the well-being of all citizens, especially those left behind as the nation itself succeeds. Focus on selfish advantage and power for power's sake must be eradicated. There is much for the Democrat Party to change within itself.

There is also a place for the Republican Party, of course, if it can get past its collusion with the Democrat globalist forces that have lined its pockets with cash. It must #WalkAway from any swamp-dwelling Senators and Representatives--through our Vote November 6th! The Republican Party must let go of any #NeverTrump attitude and get onboard the MAGA train!

Both parties must #WalkAway from the swamp life of DC. Any participation in that has led our nation down the wrong path must be curtailed immediately. Any betrayal of our nation or its laws by any party or person is criminal and punishment must be administered. The MAGA message transcends parties. It transcends politics.

It is the only way forward.

May we be wise enough to live up to its potential. May we be the generations that saved America, completing our second revolution at the ballot box. Let us fear our failure, should we NOT live up to this moment. May we do all in our power to live up to our honorable, historic burden, to ensuring our future greatness as a people and remain the bastion of freedom on Earth.