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Mark Your Calendar: International Day of Repentance Oct. 13

Written by Editor-in-Chief

2 chronicles 7 14What: Corsi Nation International Day of Repentance

Who: People from around the world and of all faiths and persuasions are invited to join us--and each other--in a day of prayer and repentance. 

When: Next Saturday from 12 am Oct.13 to 12 am Oct. 14 whatever time zone you are in. (Click here to learn why Oct. 13 was chosen.)

Where: Wherever you are

Why: To repent of our sins and shortcomings and to humbly ask God to heal our lands

For more information about the Corsi Nation Day of Repentance, click here.

You can also read more about the significance of Oct. 13 here.  

If you like, submit your prayers here.

Imagine the Healing Hands of our Creator reaching around the world to all lands and places as we pray together next Saturday.