We need #WalkAways to "Make America Strong Again"

Written by Editor-in-Chief

330px Benjamin Franklin Join or DiePat and Kate Scopelliti's latest installment of their 12-part series reminds readers that America must be morally and militarily strong  to preserve itself and the rule of law.

The tactics of the Dems during Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings demonstrated the alternative to rule of law, the mobocracy that will happen if leftist Dems get control.

The stakes of the November elections are clear. Like Ben Franklin's Do or Die poster, the November elections represent a Do or Die moment in American history.

Patriots, March to the voting booths this November! #WalkAways, join in, urge the Scopellitis. 

Patriots Pat and Kate Scopelliti are authors of America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. The Foreword is written by LTG (Retired) Michael T. Flynn. Information about their book is available here

This series is exclusive to Corsi Nation.

You can also see Pat Scopelliti speak to the importance of the #WalkAway movement and the November elections as well as the heroism of Gen. Flynn here at The Best Closer.

Make America Strong Again--Installment 7

If we were still Democrats, and were considering whether to #WalkAway, America’s strength would be one of the most serious questions we would contemplate.

Both of us were Clinton supporters in the 90’s, but unlike so many of those we knew, we could never buy into the “it was only about sex” and “a President’s sex life doesn’t matter” lines. For those who don’t remember, and for whom the #MeToo movement seems a natural thing, you have to push your imagination to picture the near 100% support Clinton was given by many of the same media outlets and Democrats attacking Judge--now Justice--Kavanaugh over the last month.

When we wrote and published our book last May, we focused primarily upon the military and our great veterans, as President Trump does, when addressing the question of American strength. We feel so strongly about what we wrote then, that we’ve decided to share the following paragraphs from our book America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. We feel they convey the military aspect of “Making America Strong Again” in an important and cogent way. But before we share them, please contemplate America’s moral, legal and political strength with us, and deeper still the very values that have always made America both the greatest and the strongest nation in history.

Moral Strength

Much debate has occurred during the past month over the question of presumption of innocence. While that topic was perfectly covered in Senator Susan Collins’ speech in support of the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, we do wish to express our 100% agreement with her words, right down the line. Her speech represents the best of American conservative values.

We find it stunningly important to identify just what the Democrats were actually attacking at the values level. To be sure, they attacked the confirmation process and thereby the Senate’s Constitutional function. Yes, they attacked a good man and his family without the slightest hesitation and with zero requirement for corroboration. Worse still, they did more than merely attack the patriotic body politic of America, they attempted to destroy our will, to dispirit us as they attempted to weaken, and if possible, demolish our faith in our Congress and Judiciary, our Constitutional system of governing.

However, the most insidious purpose of their attack was to diminish the very idea of Rule of Law in America. Their purpose was to cause a fatal fracture in the integrity of the Supreme Court itself.

Let us be clear, when looking inward to the core of American integrity within, the only way to “Make America Strong Again” is by sacred dedication to the principles and structure of Rule of Law. The Democrat’s vicious, purposeful attack against the rule of law is what would weaken us the most.

Let everyone you know that in #WalkingAway, you are reclaiming America’s moral strength, based upon the values we hold dear.

Military Strength

Turning now to the global importance of American military strength, we share the following thoughts from our book America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond for your consideration--

"America is often portrayed by her opponents as militaristic, self-serving and unnecessarily violent. This false image does not factor in World Wars I & II, Korea, the Cold War or the ongoing fight against Al Qaeda, ISIS and all their evil look-alikes. It is a righteous question to ask how many foreign nations have freedom today because Americans spilled their blood in sacrifice? Why have we made that sacrifice around the world? The reason dates back to our most sacred founding document, the Declaration of Independence. It does not state that all Americans are created equal. It states, without qualification, that all men are created equal. That is why there are American soldiers’ graves in so many places around the planet where freedom would not live otherwise.

The global truth is America’s military has been and perpetually remains freedom’s greatest champion. Military intelligence assesses threats the world over and seeks to protect the innocent and weak from the evil and mighty. America’s fighting men and women confront tyranny, at the dear cost of American lives and treasure. The price that has been paid for world freedom must never be forgotten, not by American citizens nor their foreign counterparts.

Today American might is facing the pure evil of Radical Islamic Terrorism. This is a global fight and, despite many successes, we are in the thick of it. This centuries old conflict reconstitutes itself through time. Its adherents adopt new technologies as effectively as any enemy we’ve ever faced, precisely as its groupings and units reconfigure themselves after their defeat.

The simple human rights of life, liberty, and property are the ultimate goal for all people across the globe. No religious or cultural system can impose its control where those three principles of freedom are respected and protected. Radical Islamic Terrorism is falling to America’s newly rededicated prowess on battlefields the world over. This enemy may believe its dedication to jihad exceeds our dedication to their extinction. Not so. Americans do not relinquish their principles and her military never runs from a fight. Not ever.

We have not always been wise in choices regarding safety. A simplistic and short-sighted idea arose at the end of the Cold War called the Peace Dividend. Though the slogan was catchy, the policy behind it was an enormous reduction in military budgets and related expenditures based on the illusion that suddenly the world had become a safe place. The result of this foolish thinking was an erosion of military might. For decades we failed those we depended upon most, sending them into ever more numerous and difficult challenges with aging and declining resources in support. This endangering trend has ended.

In Making America Great Again, all service branches--Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard – stand as the bulwark that keeps us safe, and it is their support that will forever guide all aspects of our approach to national strength and security. They are pride of the nation, and the reverence and support they deserve is what they will have.

This is equally true for our revered veterans. The problems they face are not new. Civilizations have always struggled to reintegrate their warriors into civil society. Throughout American history, the rage and pain of battle has left patriot warriors with severe physical disabilities and psychological difficulties such as PTSD, though it was not known as such prior to 1980. The life challenges that ensued from such traumas were overwhelming then, and despite scientific and medical advances are still so today. The time has come for us to solve this ancient problem. Loyalty and gratitude demand we take all necessary steps to secure the lives, health, and wellbeing of returning veterans. Nothing less suffices."

Returning to the values that made us strong and rebuilding the ability to confront and defeat attack from any spot on the planet, it is our obligation and our honor to restore all the strength we have lost and grow stronger than ever before. We join President Trump with our complete dedication to Make America Strong Again, and we welcome--and need--your help in accomplishing this mission.