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Tomorrow! International Day of Prayer and Repentance. Spread the Word!

Written by Editor-in-Chief

2 Chronicles 7 14 panoramioWe here at Corsi Nation are fervently inviting you to join us--and join with your friends and families--in participation in the International Day of Repentance tomorrow, October 13.

We are hoping and praying that Dr. Jerome Corsi can be present at a livestream on Saturday at 5 pm ET to honor this critical event. DCHammer and JohnAdams will confirm Dr. Corsi's presence tonight on the Corsi Nation livestream at 5 pm.

Dr. Corsi is currently in "no comment" mode after being subpoenaed to Washington DC for the Mueller investigation. Pray with us that Dr. Corsi is back soon as we all need his leadership and guidance. Pray he is protected from evil forces.

Nonetheless, the Day of Repentance will take place tomorrow! 

So from 12 am Oct. 13 to 12 am on Oct. 14, join with us in prayer as the Holy Spirit guides you--long prayers, short prayers, prayers throughout the day or prayers in one powerful thrust. 

As Corsi Nation's Prayer Warrior suggests: "[Visualize] the healing light of God and his mercy to descend up the lands during this time." Let us in a holy communion visualize God's healing hand together tomorrow.

"The world is round so that friendship may encircle it," Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said. Let our prayers encircle the world tomorrow as God heals its lands.

You can read more about the Day of Repentance and why Oct. 13 has been chosen here.

Submit your special prayers here that can inspire other Corsi Nation readers tomorrow. Feel free to share your prayers in the comments section below as well.