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Make America Safe Again

Written by Editor-in-Chief

cleveland 7592In this their 8th installment, Pat and Kate Scopelliti point out that "safety" is not merely an absence of physical threat, but it is tantamount to moral strength and truth. They write: "It is only in truth that safety can be found."

They also point out that safety depends on the "consent" of the governed, i.e., all of us Patriots taking a role in making America safe again.  

The authors also remind us that safety depends on voting this November. Indeed not voting is dangerous. They urge us to #WalkAway from the lies of the Left, toward the truth, and up to the voting booth in just a few weeks!

The Scopellitis are authors of America First--The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond. The Foreword is written by LTG (Retired) Michael T. Flynn. Information about their book is available here

You can see Pat Scopelliti speak to the importance of the #WalkAway movement and the November elections here at The Best Closer.

This series is exclusive to Corsi Nation.

Make America Safe Again--Installment 8

Let’s consider the language and values of the #MAGA movement, as opposed to Leftist political correctness. In the PC world, a safe space is one in which your emotional state is constantly the issue. No mental stress can be allowed. Childish, overly dramatic behavior is addressed with comfort food and age-regressive activities in sheltered spaces, as if in adulthood we are not strong enough to face the truth. This is a lie--an evil tactic being used to recognize, encourage, and cater to weakness in our populace. Indeed, weak adults are more readily open to dependence upon and obedience to a socialist form of government.

Children over the age of 10 (and some much younger), young adults, middle-aged adults, the elderly--we are all certainly strong enough to face the truth. Safety cannot be procured by a regression to early childhood (Play-Doh and cookies and hot chocolate). It is only in truth that safety can be found. Lies are the greatest danger of all.

Contrarily, the #MAGA Movement and its followers understand there is no comfort in lies. In fact, truth is the very foundation of safety. If a political movement is to offer the hope of real safety, it has to begin by acknowledging the situation as it exists, then speak honestly and directly to its demands.

This was "truth" prior to President Trump's MAGA election:

-Yes, your government has forgotten you. Those you have elected have remembered only their own best interest, not their pledges to you. You must never be forgotten again.

-Your government, charged with keeping the law, has done the opposite. The Rule of Law is being ignored to our detriment and must be reestablished immediately.

-No one can be economically safe without a job, a source of income. The power establishment in America found it more profitable to shift your jobs abroad. Your economic safety can only be possible when we judge everything we do by its impact on creating rather than destroying American jobs.

-A safe life requires solid infrastructure in neighborhoods, cities, states, and the nation as a whole. It requires honest laws regulating – though only to the minimum degree necessary – the fair availability of such things as healthcare, prescriptions, and insurance. Corruption and crony capitalism have wiped out the free market protections you require to live life safely.

-Your cities have become lethal instruments of death. Only the rule of law, reestablished for the care and keeping of the smallest child on the darkest street in the middle of the night can return your stolen safety.

-A nation without borders is not a nation. You cannot create national respect for the Rule of Law when the first act an immigrant takes to get into our country is to break the law. We must build the wall to establish legal immigration as the ONLY form and create safety again for the rest of the nation.

-When your government absconds with and corruptly uses your income through exorbitant taxes and wasteful spending, you cannot be economically safe. Your government must dedicate itself to the policies and practices that create and protect American wealth.

-A weak military invites invasion. Because your leaders have gutted the military, we have grown less and less safe. We must rebuild our military strength on land, sea, in the air, and in space – the newest frontier.  

-Be clear, a nation that does not value safety, one where its own deepest values are perpetually under attack – by its own leaders! – can never be truly safe.

The importance of language cannot be overestimated. Why did we elect President Trump? Because we believed his words. Why do we still support President Trump? Because his actions are in perfect alignment with his words. At all his recent rallies, a banner flies over his head, proclaiming: “PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT.”

For all of our lives, the words “politician” and “dishonest” have been paired. President Trump is breaking that previously unbreakable pairing. In each of the areas of the 10 MAGA tenets, there is accord between the President and us. In this, the very safety of our lives and nation is growing, deepening, strengthening.

Within President Trump’s plain-spoken honesty, the beginnings of the true basis of safety for America. You can observe his values, the very values that we who elected and support him share at the very core of our being. He calls out our danger, honestly. He promises answers, honestly. You can clearly observe his honest actions dedicated to this, his primary mission, readily.

What are the ultimate values upon which safety is built? They come to us from the heart of our Declaration of Independence, inside the following 55-word creed, which every American should memorize:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Clearly, we need our government, at every level, to serve and protect the rights for which it was instituted by the Founding Fathers. However, on its own, no government can be the source of safety if its people do not actively consent to the value of safety itself. Each of us must value the life, liberty and the right to the pursuit of happiness of every other citizen. This idea of uncivil behavior, unless you are the party in power that recently has been purported by Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, is despicable and wholly against time-honored spiritual values in this country.

In forgetting the Americans who elected them, in creating a two-tiered system of justice and destroying Rule of Law, in allowing our city neighborhoods to be overrun by corruption and the economics of the illicit drug trade and the profits of crime, in welcoming cheap labor – even slave labor – to cross our borders illegally, it has been the failure to live by the rights in our Declaration that has made our lives dangerous, unsafe.

As you #WalkAway from the Democrats--and also from the #NeverTrump Republican establishment--you are choosing to help America turn away from decades of dangerous regression. As you vote in the upcoming midterm election and send MAGA reinforcements to President Trump, you empower him to lead the fight against The Swamp and its dark creatures hell-bent on enriching and empowering themselves at the expense of America herself and her safety.

As you #WalkAway and rededicate yourself to respecting the lives, liberties, and the pursuits of happiness for every American, YOU become part of the answer that our nation deserves and requires.