Ouch! Project Veritas Slaps 2-faced Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in New Video

Written by Editor-in-Chief

5388876859 7bddb2ffbb bProject Veritas released another bombshell video last night revealing the hypocrisy of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and some of her campaign staff minions.

The video documents how McCaskill deceives voters and how she commisions her campaign staff to do her bidding.

In particular, the video reveals--

-how McCaskill's webpage misleads a viewer to conclude that she is Republican (the word "Democrat" is nowhere to be found). 

-how one of her campaign ads misleads viewers into thinking she is supported and endorsed by border patrol when she is merely supported by the unions of border patrol.

-how she publically endorses the 2nd Amendment to garner Missourian votes but would vote to eradicate it if elected.

One commentator in the video points out that McCaskill says "one thing in Sedalia and one thing in St. Louis." 

O'Keefe's new video makes clear that a new commandment has arisen in Missouri: "Thou shalt not lie--except when you're Claire McCaskill running for Senate."

If you know any Missouri voters, please refer them to this Corsi Nation article and James O'Keefe's latest video at Project Veritas Action.

See also "McCaskill Support For the 2nd Amendment Is Fake News" in The Daily Caller.