"Vote"--a poem from one of our readers

Written by Editor-in-Chief

4th of July Meaning BLOG                                      Vote

It’s the US Constitution vs. communism on the ballot today.

Our vote, our voice, is our potent way to choose.

It’s our way to turn what’s wrong over to what’s right.

Vote! Vote! Vote! There's just too much to lose!


And the soldiers who have died are standing with us now.

Our vote says to them: “You did not die in vain--

In Anzio, in Leyte, in Korea, or in Viet Nam . . .

Our vote acknowledges the sacredness of your pain."


Freedom lovers around the world are also watching how our vote plays out--

They understand the stakes are high; of that there is no doubt.


I believe that Angels are watching too--that they really do exist--

I can hear them in today’s November whirlwind:

“Vote! Vote! Vote for the Spirit of 1776!”