Written by Staff Writer


beach 1867017 640An Original poem by Bandit 

I stand before You, humble, Father so Divine,

A better man inside me, I'm hoping for to find.

On the outside it may seem, like a strong man I am,

When it comes to helping others, I do what I can.


Inside where it counts, I'm still so small and weak.

When it comes to my soul, I have accepted my defeat.

I'm only human after all, so won't you please forgive me,

As it turns out, I've figured out, I am my own worst enemy.

Oh Father how I so, want to believe,

There's a pressure on my heart, that only You can relieve.

So I've dropped to my knees, head bowed low in prayer,

Please oh Lord, show me a sign, let me know that you are there.

I've laid bare my soul and I've cast my demons out,

I'm simply asking for a whisper, it needn't be a shout.

I know I disappoint you and I have no right to ask,

Show me some forgiveness, don't let this moment pass.

I knew You had not forsaken me and that You were truly near,

When upon self reflection, down my cheek, rolled a single tear...