Red is the Message We Have to Send: A Poem

Written by Editor-in-Chief

giphy  Red is the Message We Have to Send

                 written by Bandit


There's a thought etched in the back of my mind,

Like an old photograph that I can no longer find.

I remember seeing it years before,

It was very faded and the corner was tore.



It's of a great country we all used to know,

A blessed land where good people grow,

Morals and values and justice and truth,

At least that's the memory I have from my youth.


But like a picture left out in the sun,

The truth is sort of faded and the colors have run.

What used to be a proud place where people stood tall,

Now lies a doormat to be stepped on by all.


You see, certain leaders were put into place,

By a New World Order, hidden of face,

And devoid of morality and goodness of heart,

With a hidden agenda to turn our world dark.


Dark as the blue of a broken pen in a pocket,

The corruption so deep it seems that nothing can stop it.

The only sure way to contain this evil spread,

Is to take all the blue and turn it to red.


And now, for the first time in years,

We have a chance to make it perfectly clear

That we're not OK with how things have been.

Red is the message that we have to send.


Red as the spilt blood from Patriots gone by,

Red as the stripes on Old Glory as she flies.

Red as the poppies that represent soldiers lost,

Red is the ink that marks such a cost.


As a true Patriot, I will fight ‘til I'm dead,

For the right to vote in a deeper shade of RED.