11.18.19 - Catastrophic China War 'Inevitable'

Gold last traded at $1,472 an ounce. Silver at $17.01 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices rose Monday amid growing U.S.-China trade deal pessimism. U.S. stocks pulled back from record highs as investors digested mixed signals around U.S.-China trade talks

Guillotine Coming For Stock Prices

guillotineToo Much Money Pushing up Prices, It Ends With a Guillotine -Blain/Zero Hedge
"To be brutally frank - we all know what the problems are: Too much money in the markets pushing up the prices of market assets. The fact is too much of that too much money is owned by too few people who use their too much money to buy all these financial assets.

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Americans Struggle to ID True Facts

hands 460872 640Facts poll: Americans struggle to ID true facts -Associated Press
"In a sharply divided country, here's something many Americans agree on: It's hard to know what's a true and honest fact. A new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and USA Facts finds that regardless of political belief, many Americans say they have a hard time figuring out if information is true.

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Catastrophic China War 'Inevitable'

LEnpVpIHctrf8EYachCjDAvqnnAkAZK2'Catastrophic' conflicts unless China and US settle differences -Kissinger/South China Morning News
"Conflict between the United States and China will be 'inevitable' and result in 'a catastrophic outcome' that 'will be worse than world wars' unless the countries settle their differences, according to former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger. 'We are in a difficult period now.

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Gold Price Rises Amid US-China 'Snag'

gold 680131 640Gold: US-China 'Snag', Lower Demand for Risk, Supporting Short-Covering Rally -FX Empire
"Gold is expected to continue to inch higher on short-covering as long as there is tension between the U.S. and China. Gold could spike higher if those tensions escalate. Gold prices are trading higher for a second session on Thursday as some of the weaker shorts continue to cover positions...Gold traders are likely reacting to falling Treasury yields, weaker demand for risky assets and a lower U.S. Dollar....The catalysts behind the price action are renewed concerns over U.S.-China trade relations. So far this week, gold has recovered about $25.00 of its recent $72.00 break... Gold appears to be going through a normal short-term correction, following a sharp break. The weaker shorts are being spooked by concerns over the lack of progress being made on the trade deal. Traders also fear the tension between the United States and China could flare at any time especially after U.S. President Trump on Wednesday threatened to ramp up tariffs on Chinese goods if the countries failed to reach a deal on trade. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that U.S.-China trade negotiations had ‘hit a snag’ over farm purchases, with China not wanting a deal that looked one-sided in favor of the United States."