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Free-Market Climate Solutions Needed

Written by Staff Writer

hands 1222866 640Forget the Green New Deal. We need free-market climate solutions -Kasich/USA TODAY
"There’s a lot of talk these days about the Green New Deal, a progressive Democratic response to the challenge of climate change. While it is intended to improve our environment, many Republicans and even some Democrats fear that it would stifle economic growth and kill jobs, set off a massive redistribution of wealth, and dangerously centralize federal government power.

But for all those problems, the Green New Deal is serving an important purpose by provoking a more vigorous level of public debate...The time has come for people who understand the need to be good stewards of our economy as well as our environment to put forward a responsible program. I am convinced that conservatives and moderates, including many Democrats, can agree on a commonsense set of policies. They would be based on responsible economic principles of free-market capitalism and personal choice, not coercion. They would actually reduce regulation and lighten the heavy hand of government, while stimulating job growth and the economy, encouraging innovation, benefiting working-class Americans and - most important - protecting and improving the environment we share with the world....It’s time for free-market moderates on both sides of the aisle to come up with answers of their own."