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The Only Way to Drain The Swamp

Written by Staff Writer

Trump Nashville 01The Only Way to Drain The Swamp... -Bonner/Bonner And Partners
"The only way the White House could make a real cut in spending would be to propose an across-the-board cut... and bypass Congress, selling the idea directly to the American people. The president would have to use his histrionic genius by going on TV and explaining what is really going on... and that the real beneficiaries [of rising debt] are the Swamp Critters, not the American people)....

We are now at the tail end of a boom. GDP growth rates have been going down for at least 30 years. Averaged over the last 10 years, the real GDP growth rate now is only 1.5%, not 3%. And there’s no evidence - none - that the trend of the last 10 years is reversing. And why would it? The burden of debt is still growing, not shrinking. And interest rates are rising, not falling… making the debt burden heavier....The real crisis will begin, no matter which party is in power, when the stock market crashes. Then, growth rates will go negative... and federal borrowing will soar....Government revenue… now running about $3 trillion… will fall to $2 trillion. And federal spending… now running about $4 trillion… will rise to about $5 trillion. The feds will not be able to finance that $3 trillion gap without pushing up interest rates. But higher rates will sink the economy into a depression, further reducing federal revenues. So, the feds will resort to the 'printing press' - aka, the Fed. We don’t presume to know what will happen in any detail. But some trends are almost impossible to reverse. Instead, they have to run their course... all the way to the grim end."