Congress's Mean Girls Not Antidote

Written by Staff Writer

CortezOamrTlaibCongress’s Mean Girls Are Trump’s Offspring -Noonan/Wall Street Journal
"A basic fact of this presidential cycle: When Donald Trump walked through the door, he burst off the jambs and made the opening bigger and more jagged, forever. Now almost anyone can walk through. A second fact is that the Democratic Party has been tugged dramatically to the left....In 2016 voters who wanted major change, who wanted greater economic equality or more-expansive programs, knew that if they hired Bernie Sanders he'd come in and push things in the direction they desired....Now that's changed

...If a hard-line lefty were chosen as the nominee next year, extreme things would seem quite possible. The new lefties are a minority in the House but have become the face of the party, its brand. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is more famous than candidates for president. The left has the energy, the excitement, the media pull....Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota surely meant to oppose U.S. policy toward Israel but somehow couldn’t quite manage to do it without being obviously anti-Semitic....Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is quick—quicker—to aggression. Her default position, behind the smiles and hugs and warmth and dancing, is the pointed, accusatory finger....I think we all know where this started, the political brutishness, the ignoring of traditions and norms. Donald Trump is both origin and rationale. The mean girls of Congress have learned at his knee. They have taken their tactics from him...They have a taste for it, and a talent. They are good at being the thing they supposedly despise. They are not the antidote...but an iteration of it."