The Next World Reserve Currency

Written by Staff Writer

worldReserveCurrencyThe Next World Reserve Currency Will Not Be A National Currency -Steemit/Corbit Report
"We've all seen some version of the following Reserve Currency chart. It purports to show the changeover in world reserve currencies from one era to the next...The implication is obvious: No empire lasts forever, and sooner or later that empire will fall, and with it the world reserve status of its currency....

The other implication of this chart stands out like a sore thumb: The American Empire's time is running out, and the dollar is going to go down with it...So here's the real question: If the dollar is going to go down, what will replace it?....Throughout much of the past several hundred years, the real reserve currency was gold. It is anyone's guess what the next world reserve currency will look like, but one thing is for certain: it will either include gold as part of its backing or it will be tradable for gold at a rate that reflects gold's current value. This is the reason that some of the biggest detractors of the dollar's world reserve status - perhaps most notably Russia and China - have been hoarding gold like crazy in recent years....There are already groups seeking to tokenize the world's resources to create a new blockchain-based currency called the 'Earth Dollar.' The Earth Dollar Alliance describes the Earth Dollar as 'the world's first anti-inflationary asset-backed stablecoin and community currency, backed by 3.63 trillion Swiss Francs, 3.22 trillion Euros of Natural Capital Assets of the Earth, where our collective wealth can increase by protecting and restoring the Earth.'....It's doubtful that the Earth Dollar is the currency that the banksters have in mind...But there is no doubt that the banksters are considering a move to some sort of centrally-administered blockchain currency as the backbone for the world banking system....It's entirely possible that if the dollar was to die a sudden death, gold could be used as an international settlement currency...But two things are certain: The international bankster oligarchy loves their inflation too much to nail any future world system to a cross of gold. and; The international bankster oligarchy wants to replace the current nation state system with a global system of control (with them in the positions of power, of course). So if the banksters get their way, it is very unlikely that a national currency will be the bedrock of the international order ever again."