Iran Threatens To Close Strait Of Hormuz

Written by Staff Writer

StraitofHormusIran Threatens To Close Strait Of Hormuz If US Blocks Its Oil Exports -Zero Hedge
"Tehran has gone on the offensive and on Monday a senior Iranian military official said the Islamic Republic will close the Strait of Hormuz if it's prevented from using it, the state-run Fars news agency reported. 'The Strait of Hormuz based on international law is a waterway and if we are prevented from using it, we will close it,' Reuters reported, citing Alireza Tangsiri, head of the revolutionary guards navy force....

To be sure, this is not the first time Iran has made such a threat: back in December Iran warned it would close the global oil chokepoint, when it said that 'if someday, the United States decides to block Iran's oil (exports), no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf.'....The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow waterway carrying a third of the world's traded oil that Iranian officials have threatened to block in retaliation for sanctions targeting the country's nuclear program. The U.S. has said it would move to stop any Iranian attempt to block the waterway...Whether or not Russia and China back Iran could mean the difference between a localized conflict and World War III."