Citizens Agree on Trump Re-election

Trump Nashville 01Democrats and Republicans agree - Donald Trump will be re-elected -New York Post
"It's a mixed marriage of a certain kind. He was a Trump supporter all along and she ­detested the man. But these days, they agree on one big thing: The president will be ­re-elected. Easily. 'Easily?' I asked, making sure I heard them correctly. Yes, they insisted, with her nodding as he said Democrats had gone bonkers and voters would respond by giving Trump four more years.

The recent Manhattan conversation would be insignificant except that it dovetails with national trends, namely a growing belief that Dems are not coming back to this world anytime soon. One of many defining moments among the presidential contenders and pretenders came with their unanimous support for giving illegal immigrants free health care. They raised their hands to signal yes, as if the question was a ­no-brainer. Implicit in their so-called compassion is an invitation for millions and millions more to cross the border and get free care. Free, of course, except to American taxpayers....As Dems continue to devour each other, there are times when it would be wise for the president to follow the rule that you should never get in the way when your opponent is committing suicide....Broadly speaking, Trump's focus on borders is the linchpin of his presidency and the essence of putting Americans first...More than 100,000 people were apprehended in June and officials say many more crossed undetected. No rational American can say the situation is acceptable, yet even Friday, Ocasio-Cortez was still calling it a 'manufactured' ­crisis....The talk of eliminating the security designed after the worst attack in America's history is the stuff from which landslides are made - for the other party."