Will a Mideast War Engulf the U.S.?

AladdinWill Mideast war engulf the United States? -Ponte/WND
"Many fear a shooting war might soon ignite in the Persian Gulf and shut down its 21-mile-wide Strait of Hormuz, through which daily ships roughly one-fifth of the world’s oil supply, about 21 million barrels. Iran controls the eastern side of this 'jugular vein' of the oil-dependent global economy. As President Trump's sanctions to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program have devastated the rogue nation's oil-based economy, it has engaged in increasingly provocative actions. In recent days, Iran has seized two British-related oil tankers. In the multinational oil business, this could mean that the United Kingdom has invested in both ships and/or their cargoes...

Iran captured the crews of these tankers, neither of which included a single British or American citizen....In 'America Engulfed,' a chapter in our book 'The Great Debasement,' Craig R. Smith and I explain how incredibly vulnerable our navy could be in the Persian Gulf. We also explained that in 1971, when President Richard Nixon broke the last link between gold and the value of the dollar, he did so after making a deal with Saudi Arabia that it would sell its oil only for U.S. dollars … in exchange for the U.S. militarily defending this global center of Islam with our military and the blood of our young. This is why Thomas Jefferson warned against 'entangling alliances.' By this shift from a gold standard to an oil or petrodollar standard, the dollar remained the world reserve currency. Our dollar and economy depend on the Persian Gulf. Several Iranian leaders are reportedly eager to enter into new negotiations to end U.S. trade sanctions. Trouble is, President Trump would be dealing with a medieval Islamist regime - the world's leading sponsor of terrorism - with a theocratic regime whose leaders are 'Twelvers,' who believe that through global apocalyptic war they can turn Earth into an Islamic planet."