Heavenly Fireworks on Aug. 10th

ShootingShooting stars -Ponte/WND
"A madman pens a manifesto, travels to El Paso, with a rifle murders at least 20 and wounds many others at a shopping mall, then surrenders, apparently intending to become a famous martyr, a shooting star. Will we let this madman - and the politicians eager to exploit what he did - kill America's future as a free nation? History sometimes turns on singular events. We need a careful, prayerful national perspective on which events should change history....This coming Saturday, Aug. 10, the wheels in the sky are bringing us other wonders and woes to contemplate. This weekend will bring Mother Nature's own Fourth of July fireworks, at least one shooting star per minute lighting the heavens in the annual Perseid meteor showers.

The calendar is a map charting where our planet is in its annual orbit around the Sun. Aug. 10 is a place in space that Earth visits every year during that journey that defines a year....The typical Perseid shooting star is actually the size of a grain of sand and the density of cigarette ash. But it can hit our upper atmosphere traveling at 133,200 miles per hour, instantly heating from the friction of rubbing against gas molecules. At 90 miles above our heads, the shooting star starts to incandesce. A heartbeat later, around 60 miles up, it burns out as a cinder. And these shooting stars will appear to have their 'radiant,' their origin, in the northeast sky near the constellation Perseus, hence the meteor shower's name Perseids. Enjoy not only the science but also the wonder of the Perseids. Ancient peoples made a wish or prayer whenever they saw a shooting star. They believed that the heavens were behind an invisible window in which a door momentarily opened to let a shooting star messenger come to Earth; a quick wish or prayer, they believed, could enter into heaven before that door closed."