China Trade War: The Untold Truth

america china commerce communication1444957 pxhereWhat the U.S. Government Isn't Telling You About the Trade War With China -Bonner/Bonner And Partners
"The whole ball of trade wars, Federal Reserve rate cuts, currency manipulation, inverted yield curves, and negative yields is so tangled up in deception and claptrap it is almost impossible to unravel....China is a key player in the whole worldwide bamboozle, wringing fake money out of debt-drenched consumers in Europe and America and spinning it into stocks, bonds… cement, steel… and even more factories and empty towns.

Bringing China to its knees may be good for tweet-o-rama politics. It might even be doing the Chinese a favor… But it would be very bad for a world economy with $250 trillion of debt. It's Inflate or Die. And the China trade is a key part of the inflation program. Both the U.S. and Chinese economies are built on debt. The U.S. creates fake money and lends it out; Americans spend it on Chinese-made goods; the Chinese economy, thus stimulated, builds more factories and produces more goods, further undermining U.S. manufacturing industries. When China goes down, most likely, the U.S. and Europe will too....This 'manipulation' charge is a good illustration for the whole fandango. Everything is manipulated, up is down, tomorrow is yesterday. Nothing is true. Nothing is straight. Nothing is what it pretends to be. How do you untangle this mess? What's real? What's going on?....If we're right, real capital - gold - will become more valuable. Anti-capital - debt and wealth-destroying companies - will fall in value. And the Greed/Fear index will continue down until it finally completes its historic rendezvous with destiny. Then, you will once again be able to buy the entire Dow for five ounces of gold… or less."