'Hurry Up and Impeach' -Rove/WSJ

Written by Swiss America

640px President elect Donald J. Trump and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi January 20 2017Hurry Up and Impeach -Rove/Wall Street Journal
"It has been only 10 days since Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the House was 'moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry' of President Trump, and Democrats are already blowing it. They are moving much too quickly. Democrats toss around the word 'urgent' as if speed is the prime imperative - more important than finding the truth or following procedure...Mrs. Pelosi told reporters, 'We have to strike while the iron is hot.'....

The Democrats' need for speed has already resulted in unfairness....The rhetoric of House Democrats has made them appear inept - and appearances aren't always deceiving. Consider Mr. Schiff's stunt in opening the Intelligence Committee's hearing on Mr. Trump's conversation with the president of Ukraine. Mr. Schiff channeled his inner Martin Scorsese to revise the call's transcript, adding new words to make it sound like a scene out of 'Goodfellas.' He read his treatment to a national cable audience, only later admitting it was a 'parody.'....Yet all this zeal is unlikely to convince America that it's right to overturn the last presidential election and pre-empt the next one - only a year away - by evicting the occupant of the White House. Impeachment will drown out public awareness of legislation House Democrats passed to 'lower drug costs, increase worker pay and clean up Washington,' as their website proclaims, leaving them to look impeachment-obsessed. The good news for Democrats is that impeachment will also drown out their caucus's goofy ideas. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced six bills last week to create a 'just society' with national rent control, federal benefits for illegal aliens and more. The program's idiocy makes her Green New Deal look like the Federalist Papers....Rushing to remove this president may be cathartic for them, but their transparent partisanship and unfairness will ensure that they fail - leaving the country even more divided and bitter."