Five Reasons Gold is Worth Owning

Written by Swiss America

GoldFive reasons why gold is still worth owning -Marketwatch
"Given the big outperformance in gold, it's time to check back in with my gold gurus for a read on what you should do with gold now...In the medium term, there are still many solid reasons to own the yellow metal...In the short term, the next move in gold really comes down to what happens with the economy....It's worth owning some gold and gold-mining shares for five reasons. 1. Gold helps you play defense -

A big risk now is that people talk the economy into recession by damaging business and consumer confidence...2. Central banks love gold again - Central banks are purchasing gold in volumes not seen in 50 years...3. The U.S. may be on course to debase the dollar - As both political parties throw caution to the wind on deficit spending, the U.S. is now borrowing almost a trillion dollars a year...'I would not be surprised to see gold at $2,000 an ounce in two years,' says Tom Winmill, who manages the Midas Fund...4. Gold has momentum - Money flows into gold mutual funds managed by U.S. Global Investors GROW, +1.03% shot up considerably in August and September...5. There may be supply shortages - At the Denver Gold Forum in September, Barrick Gold cautioned that mining production could fall by 45% over the next 10 years."