U.S. Economy Remains in an Intensifying Downturn -ShadowStats Flash Update

Written by Swiss America

graph 36929 640"- Despite Headline Unemployment at a 50-Year Low of 3.52%, Broader Unemployment Measures and Employment Stress Levels Still Signal Deep Recession.


- September Payrolls Gained 136,000 (181,000 Net of Revisions), While Year-to-Year Payroll Growth Held at a Low of 1.4%, Last Seen Going Into and Coming Out of the Great Recession. - August Trade Deficit Widened, With Negligible Impact on Third-Quarter GDP Outlook. - October FOMC Meeting Should See a 50-Basis-Point Rate Cut and Renewed Quantitative Easing. - September Money Supply M3 Annual Growth Jumped to a 10-Year High."