In an illusory World – Gold is the Truth-Teller - Gold Switzerland

Written by Swiss America

gold 2048277 640"Around the world, there are millions of investors who every year spend billions of hours trying to achieve a decent return on investments.


The number of areas people can invest in today is mind boggling. But when it comes to financial markets, the great majority invests in stocks. And of those, very few outperform the various stock market indices. Most of the investment industry is just a massive system of mediocrity, self-interest and navel-gazing. And this is done at the expense of ordinary people and pensioners who lose a major part of their potential return or pension by paying massive fees to an inefficient and poorly performing industry. So we have a mediocre asset management industry achieving poor returns on average at a time when all asset markets are setting records. What will then happen when stock markets turn down. Even worse, what happens when markets crash which is extremely likely to happen this year or at the latest in early 2020....But what will be different this time is that the market, will call the tricksters' bluff. The Eureka moment for the world will be when the coming 'unlimited-money-creation-out-of-nowhere' trick will not work. For decades the central bankers have got away with printing money that they told the world has real value. Gold has of course always revealed the deceit of central bankers by destroying the value of paper money....Gold is a truth teller and consequently reveals governments' and central banks' deceitful actions in creating false money."