Gold Outperforms Everything Since 1999

Written by Swiss America

Warren Buffett at the 2015 SelectUSA Investment Summit"Warren Buffett says you can never go right by betting against U.S. business.

 But guess what? So far this century, that bet has been a winner. Charlie Bilello, a former hedge fund analyst, tweets: Total Returns, last 20 years... International Stocks: +110%...US Stocks (S&P 500): +221%...

Long-Term US Bonds: +329%...Gold: +365%. In what kind of economy does gold - which produces nothing, invents nothing, sells nothing, issues no reports, makes no sales or profits, pays no dividends, and has no CEO, no staff, no office, no parking lot, no coffee machine, no PR firm, and nobody to lie about the numbers - outperform the MBAs, capitalists, and people of 'great and unmatched wisdom' who run its major corporations? It is a strange world, you will say....All over the world, the authorities are moving toward more inflation and more debt, without even waiting for a deflationary crisis to set it off. Yes, the bar is open…!...In the U.S., the feds are already borrowing like crazy, with spending rising at twice the Obama rate… and debt piling up at $1 trillion per year."