"No Need of the U.S." - Huawei Founder

Written by Swiss America

360px Ren Zhengfei 2014360px Ren Zhengfei 2014 Roy CellanHuawei Founder Says Chinese Giant Doesn't Need the U.S. -Wall Street Journal
"Huawei Technologies Co. can survive without the U.S., Chief Executive Ren Zhengfei said, dismissing Washington's campaign against it as ineffective. The Chinese telecom giant hasn't yet received any expressions of interest from U.S. companies to buy the intellectual property underpinning its 5G technology, but the proposal remains on the table, he added. In an interview with

The Wall Street Journal, Huawei's 75-year-old founder struck a defiant tone on the Trump administration's recent moves against the company, while also praising the U.S.'s entrepreneurial spirit. 'We can survive very well without the U.S.,' Mr. Ren said. 'The China-U.S. trade talks are not something I’m concerned with.'....The blacklisting was one of numerous anti-Huawei actions in the past year by Washington, which regards it as a security threat...Huawei nonetheless continues to win 5G contracts around the world, while its smartphone sales are booming - particularly in China - despite uncertainty over its continued access to Google's Android operating system....The U.S. defends its actions against Huawei by citing concerns that Beijing could use its equipment for spying. It also says Huawei would be legally bound to comply with requests for customer data from Beijing."