Why We Celebrate Veterans Day

Written by Swiss America

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"101 years ago, a man who started out as a conscientious objector to World War I became that conflict's greatest American hero when he and just a few other soldiers captured 132 German prisoners. Sgt. Alvin York knew why he fought, and it wasn't to make money. When Madison Avenue and Hollywood came looking for endorsements, he refused and said, 'This uniform ain't for sale

.' A generation later, when America appeared to be headed toward a second World War, many asked why we should bother, when the so-called 'War to End All Wars' didn't do any such thing. York was there to explain why America must fight once again. 'Liberty and freedom and democracy are so very precious that you do not fight to win them once and then stop,' York said. 'Liberty and freedom and democracy are prizes awarded only to those peoples who fight to win them and then keep fighting eternally to hold them.'....Today, this nation sees its veterans, and honors them - and remains in awe of those who love America so much that they would risk everything to protect it."