Treat China as Nuclear Superpower It Is

Written by Swiss America

giant 3238638 640Treat China as the Nuclear Superpower It Is -Wall Street Journal
"A perilously neglected problem of the past 20 years or so is that China is no longer so bereft of nuclear weapons as to be dismissible. If the relationship among the now three dominant nuclear powers is not clarified and disciplined, China's maturing nuclear warfare capabilities will remain both a direct threat to the U.S. and a potent destabilizer of the balance of terror.

We know of its rapidly growing families of silo-based, mobile, sea-based, and bomber-deliverable short-, intermediate-, and intercontinental-range delivery systems. We also know that China's nuclear infrastructure - including production and certain modes of deployment - is housed in an astounding 3,000 miles of elaborate tunnels. This means we have little knowledge of what China actually possesses, and because we cannot do without such intelligence, bringing China into a control regime is critical....Why would China possibly object? Unless of course more warheads and delivery vehicles than it admits to were to be secreted in the immense tunnel network known as the Great Underground Wall...The administration should vigorously pursue this initiative and refuse to let it drop or to treat it as a sacrificial chip in the trade war...What are the odds - contrary to common sense and to China's perceived interests, goals, ambitions, plans, declarations, and recent actions - that, taking into account the almost unimaginable 3,000 miles of tunnels, it has only the relatively small numbers of weapons."