Hong Kong U Becomes a Battleground

Written by Swiss America

ThreeHeaded DogHong Kong university becomes a battleground -Vox
"The campus of a Hong Kong university transformed into an apocalyptic scene on Monday as riot police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets surrounded pro-democracy protesters. The standoff between authorities and protesters at Hong Kong Polytechnic University has turned into one of the fiercest, most violent conflicts in the nearly six months of protests in the autonomous territory.

What began as a movement to block a controversial extradition bill morphed into a sustained call for greater democratic rights in Hong Kong and a pushback against the growing influence of China....Some demonstrators have managed to sneak away; photographers documented people running along a footbridge away from campus. But others are holed up, waiting for an opportunity to break free and avoid arrest....Hong Kong officials said they were allowing the Red Cross to enter the campus and treat injured protesters. Other supporters - including parents of some students at the university - staged a sit-in outside campus. They carried signs that said 'Save our Kids.'....At least 150 people were arrested over the weekend, according to the New York Times. That number is likely to rise, though, as about 500 protesters were still believed to be trapped inside campus well past midnight local time....On Monday, the Chinese government warned that 'no-one should underestimate' Beijing's will 'to safeguard its sovereignty and Hong Kong’s stability.'...The campus unrest also threatens to derail upcoming local elections in Hong Kong, scheduled for this weekend, where pro-democracy lawmakers are expected to win big.