Jobs, Jobs Everywhere, But Most Kinda Suck

Written by Swiss America

figures 1372458 640Jobs, Jobs Everywhere, But Most of Them Kind of Suck -New York Magazine
"Friday's jobs report must have been adapted from a comic book - because everyone's calling it a 'blockbuster'....A true 'full employment' economy can advance many goals that liberals have struggled to promote through legislation....

For the median job-seeker in Trump's America, the odds may be good, but the good jobs are an oddity. Amid all the encouraging signs in Friday's jobs report, wage growth remained bizarrely tepid....What technology and trade have done, however, is displace millions of Americans from their middle-class jobs, and send them hurtling down the income ladder into less remunerative occupations....The plight of the downwardly mobile manufacturing worker is familiar to most Americans. But that of the displaced administrative assistant is less so. And yet, they are two sides of the same story: Since 2000, the U.S. economy has shed 2.9 million jobs in (disproportionately male) production occupations, and 2.1 million in (disproportionately female) administrative and office-support roles...What's more, the jobs that our 'blockbuster' economy is creating aren't just lackluster in monetary terms, but in other measures of job quality, as well. A recent Gallup survey illuminates this point...Gallup’s headline finding is that, as measured by its index, only 40 percent of Americans currently have 'good' jobs."