12.5.19 - 10 Outrageous 2020 Predictions

Gold last traded at $1,479 an ounce. Silver at $16.98 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices rose Thursday on bargain-hunting and a weaker dollar. U.S. stocks decline despite upbeat employment data amid China trade deal worries.

U.S. Stocks Slip on Trade Worries

stock market 2616931 640U.S. Stocks Slip as Trade Talks Founder -Wall Street Journal
"U.S. stocks fell Wednesday as trade talks between the U.S. and China appeared to near an impasse, with President Trump threatening to raise tariffs further....Investors are growing concerned that relations between the world's two biggest economies may be further strained after the U.S. Senate passed a bill in support of Hong Kong's antigovernment protesters....

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World's Rich Are Seeking Security

moneybags 30556 640World's Rich Are Rattled and Seeking Old-Fashioned Security -Yahoo Finance
"From London to Switzerland to parts of the U.S., the rich are looking to store precious metals, cash and cryptocurrency. For some, it's the threat of a global recession. Others are avoiding bank deposits as negative interest rates force lenders to charge for holding cash.

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