12.5.19 - 10 Outrageous 2020 Predictions

Gold last traded at $1,479 an ounce. Silver at $16.98 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: Precious metal prices rose Thursday on bargain-hunting and a weaker dollar. U.S. stocks decline despite upbeat employment data amid China trade deal worries.

Hong Kong U Becomes a Battleground

ThreeHeaded DogHong Kong university becomes a battleground -Vox
"The campus of a Hong Kong university transformed into an apocalyptic scene on Monday as riot police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets surrounded pro-democracy protesters. The standoff between authorities and protesters at Hong Kong Polytechnic University has turned into one of the fiercest, most violent conflicts in the nearly six months of protests in the autonomous territory.

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Guillotine Coming For Stock Prices

guillotineToo Much Money Pushing up Prices, It Ends With a Guillotine -Blain/Zero Hedge
"To be brutally frank - we all know what the problems are: Too much money in the markets pushing up the prices of market assets. The fact is too much of that too much money is owned by too few people who use their too much money to buy all these financial assets.

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