Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Death of A Nation’

Written by Chrissy

A Historic Documentary of American History
By: Chrissy Piccolo

Dinesh D’Souza is one of the most prolific authors, writers, political intellects and filmmakers of our time. 

Dinesh DSouzaAs the debate regarding immigration continues to fester with critics hell bent on fanning the flames against our country and President, D’Souza is a prime example of the millions who came to America legally to follow their dreams.

Born in Bombay India, D’Souza initially entered the U.S. as a foreign exchange student, attended Dartmouth College, and was naturalized in 1991. Making his mark as a major force in public policy and opinion, he positioned himself as a stanch Conservative becoming one of the most controversial activists. He continues to challenge the Left through his books, lectures and films, as they spiral into the depths of Marxism and Socialism. His commentary and research has exposed the Deep State and duplicitous Democrats, challenging their skewed ideology for which our Constitution and American way of life stand.

As the Left’s one-sided visceral, unrelenting, violent hatred of all things American, and mistreatment of our duly elected President reaches an all-time low, those under the dark spell of Democrats, Hollywood, and the Mainstream “Fake News” Media seem clueless. They keep their “sheeple” under control using the voodoo of a false reality. I like to say they live in the “Upside Down World”, where good is bad, black is white, truth is false, abortion is a “reproductive right,” and Satan rules. Most of these minions don’t even realize they are being manipulated by an Elite few who see them only as honey bee drones, willing to be lulled into submission and into believing the primary purpose of our government is to take care of us, regulate us, and treat us like lab rats, as if they know what’s best for us while controlling the course of our lives.

The 2016 election set the Deep State’s diabolical 16-year plan to destroy America into a nosedive, as the American people rose up to elect someone completely outside the DC Swamp and political cult of power, greed, and dehumanization. With the corrupt Mainstream Media in their back pocket thanks to Barack Hussein Obama’s nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, he effectively obliterated journalistic integrity, allowing Democrats to utilize everyone as an extension of their party, willing to regurgitate government spun propaganda as factual news.

Those under the Left’s icy grip have no idea what the truth is behind the founding of our country or its history. How can they, the facts of our heritage have been replaced in schools from elementary to graduate studies with a neo-Marxist narrative. They’ve been led astray from supporting the greatest country ever created by brilliant minds including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and our very first President of the United States, George Washington, all of whom sought God’s guidance in this monumental undertaking. Those who fought, died and sacrificed for this country are rolling in their graves as the manufactured deceptions, narratives, and endless wars instigated by the Deep State Military Industrial Corporate Complex that controls the DC Swamp and Democrat puppets to keep their power. The day Donald J. Trump won the Presidency was the day their worst nightmare came to life! Remember, “She was never supposed to lose,” as the almost universally accepted outcome proved false.

As politicians, the Hollywood elite, and those in the media cry racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia, then falsely label their opponents as Nazi’s and Deplorables, something unprecedented has begun to happen…The Great Awakening.

While some scoff at the very notion, the election of Donald J. Trump to the White House sent a ripple worldwide and glimmer of true hope and change to those under oppressive regimes and the burgeoning ‘New World Order’ mentality, that ‘We The People’ could actually regain control over our destinies. Patriots across the globe are once again standing side by side as we push back on the criminality that has run rampant the last 60+ years! Billions cried out in prayer to God for decades, begging that He unleash the truth so that freedom would once again ring and we could take back the reigns of our existence from the corrupticrats.

D’Souza’s incredible career within the political arena and scholarly intellect has enabled him to write, direct and produce ‘Death of A Nation.’ This film comes at one of the most historic and volatile moments in our country’s history, and thanks to his impeccable reputation for presenting factual documentaries, I’d say it is the most important piece of work he has done to date.

This film reflects upon the similarities between the elections of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Donald J. Trump, and what they endured at the hands of the opposition party, as well as face in unifying our young country. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln was elected President and found himself in the middle of a huge divide within our Republic - those who believed in slavery, and those who wanted to abolish it. What is the true story behind this clash of ideals? Just who was willing to go to war to free slaves, and who was willing to do whatever it took to keep them? Who is truly responsible for the assassination of President Lincoln? Who funded and supported Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and what was their ultimate goal? Why have the Democrats continued their irrational “Resist” movement ever since Trump was elected, literally inciting violence to attack Americans who support our President? Why have the Democrats pulled out all the stops to have our duly elected President impeached over their mere fantasy of a pretext? Time to learn the truth behind the propaganda and lies you have been told! D’Souza lays out the facts to shine a light into the darkest recesses of the Deep State and Democratic Party, explaining the history of fascism and white supremacy in a thorough examination culminating in the most important question: like Lincoln before him, can Trump and Patriots “come together and save America for a second time?”

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