Jeffrey Epstein Pilots Subpoenaed

Jeffrey Epstein mug shotGrand jury subpoenas were served earlier this month to Jeffery Epstein's pilots in the ongoing investigation into sex and human trafficking of the alleged billionaire according to the Wall Street Journal.

It can't be determined whether the pilots will cooperate with prosecutors or what information investigators and prosecutors are seeking in building their case against Jeffrey Epstein. Information and testimony from the pilots could provide more information on Epstein, his associates, their movements and more.

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Joe Biden Accomplishments?

Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, touts his accomplishments from his 36 years in public office and currently leads in national polls. Critics are quick to point out that it's difficult to determine what those accomplishments are.

Campus Reform published a video underlining the sad fact Joe Biden's accomplishments are difficult to pin down.

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Epstein Arrested, Clinton Denies Knowledge of Trafficking

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested charges related to sex trafficking of minors and being held in a Federal lockup in Manhattan. Today, he appeared in court and plead not guilty to charges, while others say more may come.

The charges stem for events that occurred in Florida and New York from 2002 to 2005, and after an appeals court released 2000 pages of judicial documents that pertain to Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislain Maxwell, who is suspected of taking part of an international sex trafficking operations.

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