Poem of The Mighty Warrior

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Poem 01BSubmitted by: JoAnne Gardner Art Work by: Joanne Gardner

"Listen mighty warriors, I'm calling out to thee,

It has not gone unnoticed, your bravery.

Yet remember, your weapons are not carnal, so do not be undone,

for it is only by the Sword of the Spirit that this war will be won.

Through prayer and repentance the victory will unfold,

for America is blessed as in Heaven it's told.



Your minds will try to deceive you, saying truth and honor are lost.

Don't listen; fight on with courage without counting the cost.

As you walk through the valley, keep your eyes on the light,

for I walk right beside you knowing your plight.


Let your hearts fill with love, never allowing for anger or hate,

and your amour will shine, lighting the darkness with faith.

For only then can your desire of restoration glow,

and answers to prayer from heaven will flow.

So let My joy fill your heart, for it will strengthen your life.

Praise and worship Me, for these will end fear and strife.

Sing "God Bless America" unfettered and free,

and you'll dance in the dazzling light of my glory.


Finally, seekers of truth, let your hearts remain steadfast yet free,

and it will be My good pleasure to honor thee.

For I see the end from the beginning, America already restored,

because, mighty warriors, you have called Me your Lord."