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Hurricane Michael and Tropical Storm Sergio

Written by Prayer Warrior Lead

Michael02This Agreement is a very detailed prayer for the victory over negative weather conditions. It is a special prayer using the power of agreement promised by Jesus in the Bible in Matthew 18:18. Please lend your voice to this prayer. It is a petition to God stating that we are in agreement for His Will to be made manifest in the following areas of concern.

Please read this call to God aloud as written. Spoken prayer is much more effective than silent prayer. People of any religion can recite this prayer.

“In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, and the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Presence around all who make this call, we agree together that the Will of God be made manifest for:

  • Hurricane Michael, as of 5 PM EDT 10/10/2018 and is located at 30.9°North, 85.1°West 70 miles SW of Albany, Georgia with maximum sustained winds of 125 mph moving north at 16 mph with a central pressure of 932 millibars
  • Tropical Storm Sergio as of 4PM EST 10/10/2018 located at 19.2 N 122.4 W with maixmum sustained winds of 65 mph moving NE at 13 mph with a central pressure of 992 millibars
  • The continued collapsing of the eye wall to minimize damage and destruction and the rapid drop of wind speeds and storm intensities
  • The directing away from land of the storm as much as the law will allow or the rapid movement of the storm to minimize damage and flooding
  • The transmutation of all negative energies of this weather into positive life-sustaining energies
  • Consecration of all energies of this storm to God's will, the continued calming of all winds, rains, and rough seas, the dissipation of the negative effects of this storm, and the downgrading of it before it makes landfall if it has to at all, the balancing of the need to diminsh droughts  with too much water too quickly in any given area
  • Binding of all dark energies prevalent in these storms that can manifest as the spawning of tornadoes, flooding, wind damage, power outages, loss of infrastructure such as roads bridges and utilities, the destruction of property and loss of life and all other secondary effects of the storm
  • Cutting free of elemental life from black magic, witchcraft, voodoo, satanic and luciferian rituals and controls
  • Isolation of all damage to non-populated areas
  • Moving the storm along at a faster rate to minimize flooding to already soaked grounds
  • The nullification of all attempts to manipulate the weather system or control it for destructive purposes by manmade means including, HAARP, chemtrails, microwave or other types of manipulations
  • Appropriate preparations to be made by each individual, as well as local, state, and federal authorities, so rescue and rebuilding efforts are swift, efficient, and effective.
  • Swift cleanup and resolution of all insurance issues

We agree together for the God-Protection of:

  • God’s people and their property from tidal surge, flooding, and damage, and from problems related to loss of power, utilities, or cell phone service
  • All infrastructure especially power lines, roads, bridges, nuclear power plants, public facilities, water and sewer utilities, gasoline stations, airports, train and other transportation facilities
  • All animal and marine life

This which we ask for these storms and weather conditions, we ask for all tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorm and other weather manifestations and typhoons that are active, and we ask that peace, love, and harmony prevail and we affirm "Peace be still!"

We also agree together to be shown the power and effect of these prayers and that we be guided in ways that we cannot ignore for the saving of our nation and for receiving the maximum help and assistance from God that we may receive for these issues. We agree together for the transmuting power of the Holy Spirit to consume the causes and cores of these negative conditions and to correct all that is not of God. We also ask that no light be given unlawfully, unauthorized, to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the soul's salvation unto the worship of her God. We also agree together for the absolute God protection from the backlash from the forces of darkness in response to this prayer and the subsequent release of light into these situations. We ask for the cloak of invincibility, invulnerability, invisibility, and protection to be upon us, our loved ones and those to whom we are spiritually tied. Nevertheless, not our wills but thine be done. AMEN.