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In working with newspapers getting their content online, I have learned there is a specific way to effectively post articles for the news and your readers. Because our website was designed to work on any device, (responsive design) I though it would help to put together a tutorial for our articles. Hopefully this guide will help all of us have consistency throughout the site and make the overall feel of our content look professional.


Getting Started

The image below shows the basics of the article editor and things you will need to post an article properly:

New Article


When adding your article in the front end, the category choice is the menu choice, so you won't have to worry about categories.

Be sure you turn off the editor when copy and pasting tweets/articles. If you don’t, all kinds of bad stuff will happen, i.e.:

  • Formatting that is difficult to remove
  • Unsightly and unprofessional looking article
  • Slows the website down considerably because the browser has to read all the extraneous coding.
  • Could crash a web-page/browser.

To turn off the editor just click this:



Then your page looks like this, you’re ready to paste:


When you’re done, click the on/offOnOff button to get your formatting tools back.

Adding Images

Make sure you have an image to lead your story. This helps catch the reader’s eye and keeps them engaged. It’s great if you have video and more images throughout the story, especially if your article is a long one.

Great Places to get images are:


Just make sure you use as much creative commons images as possible and make a note of where the image came from. This will keep us out of trouble.

When adding an article, good form is to allow a max of 2 paragraphs of information (one is best.) This is known as a lead, then add the read more link which can be found at the bottom of the content box here:


On the front end, your article should have a layout that looks like this:

Article Front End

*** if you can’t get the image to the top of the article. Just insert it anywhere in the article, then drag and drop it in the editor to the BEGINNING of your text and size it to these responsive (Use Percentage in the height box and NaN (Not a Number) in the second) dimensions:




**DON’T HOT LINK TO IMAGE OUTSIDE OF CORSI NATION! These images sometimes get removed without warning. Nothing is worse than reading and article with a broken link.**









Try to upload your images to the appropriate folder and link from there. If you are writing articles, make sure you upload your images to the article folder.  This way, they won't get moved or deleted.

Adding Video

You can add video using this button:



Use these dimensions for your video:


**if you have to make changes to the video, you WILL have to re-do the dimensions. This is a bug in the editor. **

Also, you may have to readjust the height of your video as new articles are added. It a problem we all have to deal with when working with responsive websites.

When you get an article that needs to go to the original website, like InfoWars, or The Gateway Pundit you should link it AFTER the read more button. Try and add more content and information and write it in your own words. We want to keep our visitors engaged in the site.

Try and link to the outgoing news site using a logo if possible. When using links, make sure you select “Open in New Window” This keeps people on our site while they visit another.


Remember, we need to keep the site looking professional. This is a reflection on all of us as journalists and patriots.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me @

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Corsi Nation Team