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James O'Keefe strikes again--this time Oregon's Governor Brown

Written by Editor-in-Chief

James OKeefe by Gage Skidmore has just published James O’Keefe’s latest video bombshell: an expose of Oregon Senator Kate Brown's “illegalities and improprietie

It seems incompetence + corruption = Oregon Governor Kate Brown's office.

The video features Brown's former Campaign Manager Michael Kolenc says on the video of Brown: “She’s a really awful manager of people, operations and structures.”

Speaking to the conflicts of interest in Brown's office Kolenc says: "The government side can’t direct the campaign side, which is what was happening.”

The governor’s misdeeds extend to both in running her last campaign and in governing the state of Oregon, according to Kolenc.

The video also features Lars Larson, radio talk show host from Portland, who says that reports of the governor cheating is not a surprise; what is a surprise is that Project Veritas managed to get evidence of it on tape. Larson refers to Oregon official records that reveal "in black and white" that "tens of thousands"of taxpayer’s funds were used to to finance Brown's campaign.

James O'Keefe concluded the video reminding viewers: “President Obama just endorsed Governor Brown’s re-election effort." 

O’Keefe promises to publish more videos that expose corrupt Senators in key campaign states in the upcoming weeks.

See the entire video at Project Veritas Action.