Gold Prices Rise on Trade Uncertainty

Written by Staff Writer

gold is money 3055758 640Gold rises as trade uncertainty hurts risk appetite -CNBC
"Gold prices gained on Wednesday on lack of clarity on the U.S.-China trade negotiations, keeping markets wary about the tariff war's toll on the health of the global economy. President Donald Trump said a trade deal was 'close' but gave no new details on when or where an agreement would be signed, disappointing investors in what was billed as a major speech on his administration's economic policies.

World's Richest Brace for Stock Sell-Off

Written by Swiss America

stock 624712 640Some of the World's Richest Brace for a Major Stock Sell-Off -Yahoo Finance
"Wealthy people around the globe are hunkering down for a potentially turbulent 2020, according to UBS Global Wealth Management. A majority of rich investors expect a significant drop in markets before the end of next year, and 25% of their average assets are currently in cash,

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