Gold Zig-Zags amid Trade Doubts

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bars business global intergold 335268Gold rises on trade war doubts, weak stocks after Hong Kong protests turn violent -CNBC
"Gold prices rose early Monday on fresh doubts over whether the United States and China can strike a trade deal, while a sluggish start to the week in equities weighed on risk appetite after protests in Hong Kong turned violent over the weekend....'One reason why gold is higher is because the trade deal is still only speculation, and we are yet to see it. The markets are being a bit cautious here,' said Saxo Bank commodity strategist Ole Hansen.

Why We Celebrate Veterans Day

Written by Swiss America

VeteranRemember Why We Celebrate Veterans Day -Zero Hedge
"101 years ago, a man who started out as a conscientious objector to World War I became that conflict's greatest American hero when he and just a few other soldiers captured 132 German prisoners. Sgt. Alvin York knew why he fought, and it wasn't to make money. When Madison Avenue and Hollywood came looking for endorsements, he refused and said, 'This uniform ain't for sale

Recession: China Won't Save Us

Written by Swiss America

recession 2530812 640The world economy is headed for a recession. China won’t be there to save it this time -Dodwell/South China Morning Post
"A decade after the global financial crisis, with the world's leading economies still addicted to the near-zero interest rates of the emergency response of quantitative easing, it seems the global economy remains on life support, with our experts still flummoxed about how to restore economic health. Trade across the world is stalling.

Underwater Car Loans Are Rising

Written by Swiss America

money 1248598 640More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on Car Loans -Wall Street Journal
"John Schricker took out a loan to buy a car in 2017. Then he took out another. And then another...He recently bought a $27,000 Jeep Cherokee with a $45,000 loan from Ally Financial Inc. Consumers, salespeople and lenders are treating cars a lot like houses during the last financial crisis: by piling on debt to such a degree that it often exceeds the car's value. This phenomenon - referred to as negative equity, or being underwater - can leave car owners trapped.

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