$1,700 Gold by March - Analysts

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gold 2048287 640Gold Headed To $1,700 By March, Analysts Say -Forbes
"Get ready for a fast and sizable pop in gold prices. The cost of buying one troy ounce of the metal will likely rise by around 15% over the next couple of months, analysts say. The reason gets to the heart of how prices of financial assets move over time. They go up, and they go down in somewhat predictable patterns, at least for those who know. In the case of gold, the price fell from $1,546 a troy ounce in September down to $1,455 on November 12...

You Call This a Trade Deal?

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Economic Fairy TalesYou call this a trade deal? -Tonelson/Marketwatch
"Phase One deal with China fails 'The Art of the Deal' test. OK, let's assume that something deserving the name 'U.S.-China trade deal' has been reached - even one dubbed 'Phase One' or 'preliminary.' Deep doubts would remain justified about whether it can possibly serve American interests....

Global Economy's Luck May Run Out

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business 1676138 640The Global Economy's Luck May Run Out -El-Erian/Project Syndicate
"This year is ending on a relatively positive note, especially when compared to the same time last year. There is hope of a global growth pickup, trade tensions have lessened, and central banks have reaffirmed that that they will maintain ultra-low interest rates and continue to provide ample liquidity.

Markets Rally Due to Fed's QE4

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9183391040 083d13179a wimage courtesy https://www.flickr.com/photos/huangjiahui/9183391040Morgan Stanley: It's Fair To Say The Market Rally Is Due To The Fed's QE4 -Zero Hedge
"Morgan Stanley's Michael Wilson, who in 2018 was the most bearish and accurate of all sellside analysts, fought the Fed in 2019 and the Fed won. One week ago we quoted from Wilson's latest weekly report, in which the now quasi-bullish strategist explained why he had grudgingly turned bullish, saying 'we continue to see the 3 largest central banks in the world expand their balance sheets at the rate of $100B per month ($60B from the Fed, $25B from the ECB and $15B from the BOJ).'....

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