Negative Interest Rates: The New Normal?

Written by Swiss America

Negative interest ratesNegative Interest Rates Could Be the New Normal -Bonner/Bonner And Partners
"Every generation has its fads and follies… which it takes for Eternal Truth. Diversity… climate change… and a 2% inflation target top today's list. Early adopters believe they are 'progressive.'...They think of themselves as the cutting-edge, liberal-minded innovators that move society forward. And then the next generation laughs at them. TIME magazine has just named Greta Thunberg its Person of the Year.

U.S.-China on a Permanent Collision Course

Written by Swiss America

deficitimage courtesy: US-China trade deal leaves a large American deficit and a permanent collision course -CNBC
"Looking at the latest U.S.-China trade numbers, one wonders how the agreement announced last week could lead to an acceptable balance of bilateral trade accounts. China'’s surplus on its U.S. goods trade in the first ten months of this year was $294.5 billion, and amounted to 40% of America's total trade gap. During the same period, Beijing slashed U.S. exports to China 14.5% to $87.6 billion.

5-G Spying: Will Tech Watch You at Home?

Written by Swiss America

mobile 4565661 6405G 'can spy on you': Tech will watch you at home -Daily Star
"An inventor has sensationally claimed that 5G technology can be abused to spy on people in their own homes – listening in on conversations and even watching people in the bath. The state-of-the-art technology could revolutionize the speed of mobile phones when it is eventually rolled out. Mark Steele...

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