"No Need of the U.S." - Huawei Founder

Written by Swiss America

360px Ren Zhengfei 2014360px Ren Zhengfei 2014 Roy CellanHuawei Founder Says Chinese Giant Doesn't Need the U.S. -Wall Street Journal
"Huawei Technologies Co. can survive without the U.S., Chief Executive Ren Zhengfei said, dismissing Washington's campaign against it as ineffective. The Chinese telecom giant hasn't yet received any expressions of interest from U.S. companies to buy the intellectual property underpinning its 5G technology, but the proposal remains on the table, he added. In an interview with

Online Ads are the New Dot-Com Bubble

Written by Swiss America

adwords 793034 640The new dot com bubble is here: it's called online advertising -The Correspondent
"For more than a century, advertising was an art, not a science. Hard data didn't exist....In the early 1990s, the internet sounded the death knell for that era of advertising. Today, we no longer live in the age of Mad Men, but of Math Men. Looking for customers, clicks, conversions? Google and Facebook know where to find them. With unprecedented precision, these data giants will get the right message delivered to the right people at the right time...But is any of it real?

China Says U.S. Will/Must Cut Tariffs

Written by Swiss America

america china commerce communication business concept 1444957 pxhereChina Says U.S. Will, and Must, Cut Tariffs to Reach a Trade Deal -New York Times
"The Chinese government on Thursday said Beijing and the Trump administration had agreed to get rid of some tariffs as the two sides work toward ending their 19-month-long trade war. But Beijing also hardened its stance by publicly voicing its insistence that a deal could not take place without each side canceling at least some tariffs....The Trump administration has been considering rolling back a portion of the tariffs but only if China agrees to certain concessions.

The Power of Gold in Times of Crisis

Written by Swiss America

Piles of cashThe Power of Gold in Times of Crisis -Zero Hedge
"While physical gold is a well-known safe haven asset which investors flock to in times of market turbulence as a way of protecting their wealth, gold is also the ultimate asset to own and possess in times of crisis and emergency....History is replete with examples of gold being the ultimate asset in times of crisis and desperation, where time and time again, gold comes to the rescue and provides its holders with choice and freedom, choice and freedom that are not available to those who do not hold gold.

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