Why Sell the Nasdaq and Buy Gold?

Written by Swiss America

gold is money 2020767 640Sell the Nasdaq and Buy Gold -Gold Switzerland
"Stock markets are at the end of the end of a secular bull market. The Nasdaq index has gone up 112X since 1973. Once this market turns, the fall can be very rapid. In 2000-2002, the Nasdaq fell 80%. It would be surprising if the coming fall is smaller than the last one.

"We're Living On Borrowed Time..."

Written by Swiss America

SandP index"We're Living On Borrowed Time..." -Taggard/Zero Hedge
"Here at PeakProsperity.com, my co-founder Chris Martenson and I have spilled a lot of ink in the ensuing years, warning how QE (aka central bank money printing), stock buybacks, and record low interest rates have pushed the degree of systemic unsustainability to Bizzaro-world levels....

80% Say Politics Biggest Stress in Life

Written by Swiss America

deceive 1299043 6408 In 10 Americans Say Politics Are Biggest Source Of Stress In Life -Study Finds
"U.S. politics have never felt quite as contemptuous, and unavoidable, as they do today. We're a nation of people who are constantly plugged in, whether that be via smartphone, desktop, or regular old cable news....Now, a new survey of 2,000 Americans finds that all of this vitriol filled political discourse is taking a serious mental toll.

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